Jeroen Perquin
Jeroen PerquinCFO/Founder
CFO and trainer. Jeroen is a very experienced finance professional, specialised in digitization, blockchain and smart contracts.
Robert Rongen
Robert RongenCTO/Founder
CTO, architect and smart contracts developer. Robert is skilled in translating the demands of an organization into an working solution.
Marc Buma
Marc BumaDeveloper
Marc is seasoned Blockchain Programmer and supports us in building the Simulations
Harrie Goutier
Harrie GoutierTrainer
Harrie Goutier is certified Smartys trainer. He is a specialist in Blockchain in particular in Defi and tokenisation. He gives Smartys trainings and workshop at universities
Christiaan Verhoef
Christiaan VerhoefTrainer
Christiaan is teacher at Windesheim, Blockchain lab developer and supporting us with designing the Simulation and the educational concepts.

Blockchain specialists

We are a small team of Blockchain specialists based in The Netherlands. Our focus is on the design, development and deployment of IOT, blockchain and smart contracts to reduce organizational friction and create surplus(time) for a better and more sustainable world.” We are members of the Weconomics foundation. We all have extensive experience working in international business, with expertises in IT architecture, IT projectmanagement en Finance Management. 2bSmart was founded in 2019. We have developed high quality blockchain workshops and trainings, and have build the underlying blockchain applications.